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Update 1.4 - The Release
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Welcome to the 1.4 Update!
Greetings trainers, after much anticipation and hundreds of hours of work we are finally able to release our two new Pixelmon Reforged Realms. The realms are named PokeSword and PokeShield after generation 8 pixelmon. We are proud to call these servers Sword and Shield due to our commitment to bringing the generations 8 pixelmon onto PokeTown. We are currently working with multiple developers to make this happen. Still, in the meantime, to build everyone's excitement, we are preparing our community for this massive update coming soon. Each realm is similar but different from each other. They will have the same features, but in regards to the community of each realm, the Sword realm will be more challenging and a better competitive atmosphere. Also, a project that will be coming soon is a skyblock realm (non-pixelmon); this server will have PayPal rewards, you may also see a well-known YouTuber on skyblock. ...

Update Update 1.3 - The Expansion

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The Expansion Update
Greetings, fellow trainers! We have been working hard to get a lot done in a short amount of time. You may have noticed some changes in the past few weeks, including new plugins/additions to PokeTown. We hope you guys are enjoying everything, and we are open to your suggestions! If you’d like to make a suggestion, make it in the #suggestions channel so we can see them! We recently made our twitter account, so go and follow it for news on updates and giveaways on Twitter!

Recent Network Issues
With the fast pace of the server, we are continually upgrading hardware and plugins to cope with the new player counts, so please bear with us through issues that may occur. There have been a lot of crashes recently that is caused by the version of SpongeForge that we use. This issue is still currently being worked on; we are still in the process of re-coding a SpongeForge version; among other plugins, we are in the...

Update Update 1.2 - The Showdown Update

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Hello Trainers! The admin team has been cranking out crazy amounts of progress in light of us all being laid off from our jobs due to the mass epidemic. As such we've invested our hearts and souls into the server and have not slept. Please send assistance. But seriously, let's get into today's update!

Beginning With The New Update:
Our second ever content update is now officially live on the server. In this update, we have added a ton of new in-game content!
+ Added a competitive Elo system where players can compete vs each other on a leaderboard in different Smogon tiers! /showdown in-game.
+ Added a Safari Zone! You may now access a cool safari zone by paying 5k poke dollars in-game and accessing the safari zone for 30 minutes. /safaris in-game.
+ We've added new daily challenges to give out free rare candy, keys, and more! /dailies in-game.
+ The Battletower got buffed heavily. There are a lot more bosses in it now and a real reason to fight it. You...

Important How to Play PokeTown!

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Welcome to the Installation Guide!
This guide will teach you how to connect, download, and play on our servers using the wide variety and vast array of options we offer in-game types. Thank you for choosing!

For Our Reforged Servers:
Our Reforged servers use the latest version of Reforged unless otherwise stated in the server's server selector GUI (the compass you spawn in with in-game in our hubs). To connect to our hubs, you must be running Minecraft 1.12 or higher!

To Download Reforged: Technic & ATLauncher Supported!
The Reforged Wiki:

For Our Generations Servers:

Our Generations servers use the latest version of Generations unless otherwise stated in the server's server selector GUI (the compass you spawn in with in-game in our hubs). To connect to our hubs, you must be running...

Important Welcome to PokeTown! Updates/Parents/More!

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Hello Trainers! First of all, I'd like to thank everybody for the absolutely spectacular week and release! It's been about a month since our early access beta and we've come a long way since we had 5 players. In this announcement, I will be addressing both the players and their parents directly, so any questions your parents may have can be answered easily through this post!

Beginning With The New Update:
Our first ever content update is now officially live on the server. In this update, we have tweaked quite a bit on the live server to not only make the experience more enjoyable, but to make the network run much smoother as well
+ The in-game /help menu has been redesigned to actually list useful commands as well as give a description of some of our features. This menu will be updated regularly with each new addition.
+ GTS Listing times have been upped from 1 Hour to 24 Hours. (Max 5 listing per player).
+ The Water-type and Rock-type gyms have been...

Update The Early Access Whitelist + Updates!

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Hello Trainers! First of all, I'd like to welcome you all to the new and improved forums! Here, we will be communicating new updates, scheduled events, resets, and more! Please be sure to make an account and watch any threads or forum categories you are interested in receiving email updates for, and take some time to introduce yourself in our introductions section. Now, onto the news! We're quickly approaching our release and in doing so we've decided to host an early access period predating the launch in order to test features for issues and finalize our long term economy.

How do I get Whitelisted?
In order to sign up for early access, you must sign up here on the forums and introduce yourself! After doing so, head over to our Discord and create a ticket using the command ".new" in the #support channel. From there, via a general ticket, the upper staff will be able to assist you with getting your account/ign...

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