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  1. Mistazel

    Update Update 1.2 - The Showdown Update

    Hello Trainers! The admin team has been cranking out crazy amounts of progress in light of us all being laid off from our jobs due to the mass epidemic. As such we've invested our hearts and souls into the server and have not slept. Please send assistance. But seriously, let's get into today's...
  2. Mistazel

    Important How to Play PokeTown!

    Welcome to the Installation Guide! This guide will teach you how to connect, download, and play on our servers using the wide variety and vast array of options we offer in-game types. Thank you for choosing! For Our Reforged Servers: Our Reforged servers use the latest version of...
  3. Mistazel

    Important Welcome to PokeTown! Updates/Parents/More!

    Hello Trainers! First of all, I'd like to thank everybody for the absolutely spectacular week and release! It's been about a month since our early access beta and we've come a long way since we had 5 players. In this announcement, I will be addressing both the players and their parents directly...
  4. Mistazel


    Welcome to the forums and back to the server Sakul! Make sure to join our discord and make a ticket with your IGN so we can whitelist you!
  5. Mistazel

    Update The Early Access Whitelist + Updates!

    Hello Trainers! First of all, I'd like to welcome you all to the new and improved forums! Here, we will be communicating new updates, scheduled events, resets, and more! Please be sure to make an account and watch any threads or forum categories you are interested in receiving email updates for...