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Update Update 1.3 - The Expansion


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The Expansion Update
Greetings, fellow trainers! We have been working hard to get a lot done in a short amount of time. You may have noticed some changes in the past few weeks, including new plugins/additions to PokeTown. We hope you guys are enjoying everything, and we are open to your suggestions! If you’d like to make a suggestion, make it in the #suggestions channel so we can see them! We recently made our twitter account, so go and follow it for news on updates and giveaways on Twitter!

Recent Network Issues
With the fast pace of the server, we are continually upgrading hardware and plugins to cope with the new player counts, so please bear with us through issues that may occur. There have been a lot of crashes recently that is caused by the version of SpongeForge that we use. This issue is still currently being worked on; we are still in the process of re-coding a SpongeForge version; among other plugins, we are in the process of replacing. So in the evenings around 11 pm - 1 am we are often pushing these changes to the network, we announce these maintenance periods hours in advance to try and keep updated with our discord announcements!

Store Changes

We have added two new crates that are available for purchase in our store! We have added a disguise crate, which you can win pixelmon disguises and use them with /disguise (pixelmon name). Another crate we have added is the shiny pixelmon crate, and in this crate, you can win a random shiny pixelmon! Claim blocks have also been added to the store for purchase so that you can make even larger bases and remarkable creations. Along with these new crates, donation messages have been overhauled to give a better look in chat.

New Realms
This weekend we will be releasing two new realms that YOU will be able to play on. PokeCity and PokeVillage, each server has its own theme with excellent features. PokeCity will be much more competitive than ever seen before on pixelmon. PokeCity will have weekly tournaments with store and PayPal rewards! Showdowns on City will also be set to a much higher level. If you do not like to play competitively, then PokeTown & PokeVillage are still valid options! City and Town will always keep showdowns and gyms, tournaments will just not be hosted on such a regular basis.

Staff Needed
We are in desperate need of new staff members, so if you feel like you are up to that kind of challenge, go ahead and apply on our website. You must be 15+ years old to apply. Make sure to follow the given format. Link below.

We have put a lot of work into the network with weekly updates. We also have been taking suggestions from YOU so keep making suggestions, because we read them all! I hope everyone is staying safe and keeping your hands clean! If you have any questions for the staff team, there will be a QNA at 5 pm EST tomorrow in discord. So if you’d like to ask a question about the network or just make a general statement come and check it out!

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If you are a parent with questions, you can email me: [email protected]