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Important Welcome to PokeTown! Updates/Parents/More!


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Hello Trainers! First of all, I'd like to thank everybody for the absolutely spectacular week and release! It's been about a month since our early access beta and we've come a long way since we had 5 players. In this announcement, I will be addressing both the players and their parents directly, so any questions your parents may have can be answered easily through this post!

Beginning With The New Update:
Our first ever content update is now officially live on the server. In this update, we have tweaked quite a bit on the live server to not only make the experience more enjoyable, but to make the network run much smoother as well
+ The in-game /help menu has been redesigned to actually list useful commands as well as give a description of some of our features. This menu will be updated regularly with each new addition.
+ GTS Listing times have been upped from 1 Hour to 24 Hours. (Max 5 listing per player).
+ The Water-type and Rock-type gyms have been officially setup and may now be properly challenged and grant rewards! This is the start of our 8+ Gym questline!
+ The automated announcements have been reformatted.
+ The current reforged world has been renamed to "PokeTown Reforged"
+ All players now have access to /pwiki and /wiki
+ All players now have access to /helpop (An in-game method to contact administration during emergencies)
+ Added /time set <TIme> to alolan rank. Also gave it a 1 hour cooldown
- Removed the healer and PC from starter kit
- The /checkspawns command has been removed
- Disabled mob spawning in the Hub

For the Parents:
To the parents of all of our Trainers, I wanted to begin by explaining what the server is and why your child spends so much time playing here. PokeTown is a Minecraft Server dedicated to merging the experience of Pokemon and Minecraft into one. It is a modded server, and requires the installation of a modded Minecraft modpack hosted through the Technic Launcher ( Your child more than likely discovered our server through one of the many public, the community hosted server listing websites, or, through one of our content creators who promote the server and modpack, like MooseCraft!

Our server features all age groups and the majority of our player base is 11-17. It is a dominantly child-like audience and as such, we have taken precautions to make the environment as safe and comfortable for both the players and their parents as we can. As such, we have put many support mechanisms in place for both you and your child to seek administrative support when necessary. Naturally, our team are humans too and won't be available throughout all hours of the day. If at any point you require assistance or your child is experiencing issues, or you just wish to learn more about the server, we request that you contact us through one of our many forms of social media. Beginning with Discord ( From our Discord channel, you are able to make a ticket by using the command ".new" in the #support channel and asking any questions you need! Be sure to let us know the IGN "In-game name" of your Trainer so that we know what account to provide support to. Our administrative team's goal is to assist you with all your in-game needs whenever possible and will always remain calm and professional with you. If you do experience any issues, be sure to leave us feedback on our website and forums!

Roadmap Moving Forward:
Currently, we have a whole host of updates planned for the network to make your experience as a player and trainer as wonderful as possible, including a website and store page redesign being undergone. Alongside this, one of our main goals as a team is to add more content to the server and upgrade our hardware. One of the things we will be doing over the course of the next few weeks is hiring more staff volunteers to help out with player questions, support, and more, as well as having a focal point on the quality of the gameplay itself. We plan on introducing more things soon including a Safari Zone, Daily Rewards, Competitive ELO System, and NEW Generation 8 Pokemon! This will all take our development team some time and as such we will be keeping you all updated regularly with progress on our forums and Discord each week. Be sure to keep up to date with us by following us and reading our postings.

Lastly, I'd like to thank you all. Just a week or two ago we were averaging 5 players. I was still happy and impressed with the turn-out then, but to see us regularly passing 55+ online throughout the midday is amazing. PokeTown is going to be the best Pixelmon server out there, and it's going to be thanks to you all. Special thanks to MooseCraft, as this would never have been possible without his efforts alongside our amazing development and management team. Thank you all.

-Mistazel, Owner & Founder